Last night I stayed out and up later than I have in 6 weeks. We went to an amazing restaurant with Barton & Miranda called Venue Bistro.  YUM! I have a thing for shrimp & grits, you see….and it was on their menu so I was really excited for our “Date Night” all day.  However, by the time we stopped at another restaurant beforehand to have a pre-drink (Kaliber non-alcoholic beer by Guiness SUCKS) and a bowl-full of hush puppies, as well as bread and a salad at the restaurant we were actually eating at…I wasn’t so hungry and was so sad that the S&G wasn’t as fulfilling as I wanted it to be.

It’s crazy how your taste buds change when you are pregnant. The thai chile sauce around the grits was simply too pungent and the lime/anchovy sald dressing was too tart and the virgin Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail I had was too too too too bitter. Just a few days ago I would have LOVED that those things were pungent, tart and bitter. Guess those cravings are gone.

Oh well…Daddy had trout and, as usual, licked my plate clean. He’s so cute. I love when he wears a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, jeans and sandals…SEXY!  Don’t you love that I find him so sexy?  I am so proud to sit by him and when we are sitting at the bar and I see other chicas checking him all sexy and tan out, I flash my ring and think, “ha ha, bitches…MINE.”

However, the crazy dreams I am having about him cheating on me aren’t working out for me. Not only do they interrupt my already not-so-great sleeping habits, I hate how panicked I feel. I wonder and assume that is something most pregnant women go through….the fear that if he leaves or dies then this child, rearing and raising this human being will all be on ME.

He talked to my belly last night, something he still isn’t quite comfortable with yet. He asked you to be happy and not to steal or lie or be a bad person. He spoke some Grateful Dead lyrics to you and then I fell asleep.  I only peed once in the night…WOO HOO!.

Only 2.5 more weeks until I can tell the world about you, baby. I can’t wait to make you real.  I go to the doctor on Tuesday…I bet I have gained 5 pounds. UGH>

On another train of thought, I really want the Olivia crib from Wal-Mart…of all places. I hope Don Linny & Papa Jim buy it for me.

Here it is in four completely different rooms. I love the contrast of the white wood with the pine legs. I think it’s clean lines would make it great in any nursery, boy or girl…

this one is so cute….it reminds me of my nephew, Jackson’s, nursery with the Cowboy & Western-themed decor. We had so much fun decorating that room for him.

However, as cute as these rooms all are, I think if you were to be a boy, we would go with a 70s/retro/acoustic/music vibe for you so that Kirk will really love your room and feel like he had a say in it. He tells people when they ask what your name will be if you are a boy that it will be Neil Young Mooneyham….

he would love this room for you.

Wouldn’t he love this poster in your room? I would…our little Heart of Gold

I also really think this print is adorable for your room although I can just imagine that *some* people might say, “really?” 

because, Little One, i really do love the shit out of you.


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