today you are 8 weeks old…you are already growing so fast.

This week you are the size of a lima bean and your tail is almost gone. You have webbed hands and your eyelids almost entirely cover your eyes now. You are getting so big.

Daddy went out last night to a My Morning Jacket concert at Red Rocks and I took one for the team and stayed home. Mostly because I knew I couldn’t stay awake as late as the concert would require, but also so I could go and get my first pre-natal massage…HEAVEN!  I didn’t even hear him come home at midnight …. because…..I ACTUALLY SLEPT last night for 8 whole hours. Praise GOD!!!

Only four more weeks until we get to announce you to the world. I am so excited and trying to think of really unique ways to do so is becoming a little stressful.

Here is my first tummy picture. This was at 6 weeks. I just keep forgetting to take this picture every week. I don’t know, i just don’t like to share a big fat belly with the world. BUT FOR NOW…b/c it’s still pretty flat, here is my 6-week tummy.


Funny story about this picture. This was taken at 6am on one of the days Kirk and I went for a 2-mile walk to the Sundial House. I literally rolled out of bed in this outfit and put on tennis shoes and socks. I had slept in this sports bra b/c my boobs were so sore that having them loose in the night felt like I was DYING…my nipples had just begun to get sore and every time i tossed or turned i swear they might have gotten caught on something and nearly been ripped off.

Anyway, Kirk was SOOO embarrassed by what I was wearing that he refused to go on the walk with me until I FORCED him to.  See that black thing on my right wrist, that’s a Sea Band to keep me from puking. I wore them quite a bit in the beginning. I don’t know if they actually worked or if they were just in my head, but I would push that little button on my pressure point over and over until I wasn’t on my death bed.

See that picture on the wall? It’s very special. Kirk gave me that when we first started dating. I can’t quote it exactly, but it says something to the effect of how “every night they would fall asleep holding hands and silently praying for the same things.” I love it b/c in our early days, we used to lie in bed and dream about “when we were married” or “when we had kids” and LOOK….here we are.

Kirk starts his new job tomorrow. I am so proud of him and our life and just give thanks to God every day for our good fortune.


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