One thing I think about a lot is how I will continue to be social once I am a SAHM (stay at home mom).

While my job is not my favorite part of my life (stress, hours, weekends) it does provide me with a social life that is all mine. Not Kirk’s friends or friends of friends or even people I really spend a lot of time with outside of work. However, I really enjoy my peers and having them to relate to my schedule or the stressload that comes with this job.

So, I have been thinking….and decided it’s really up to me. It’s easy for me to make friends and I have no doubt I will, but I am yearning for SOUL sisters. Women who are going through the exact same things I am. Women who are leaving the work force to start a family. Women who aren’t from Colorado and, therefore, don’t know a lot of other women here. Women who will understand when I complain about having sex, lack of sex, sore nipples, fat belly, sleepless nights, urination and all of those other things I wish to protect Kirk from. Not only does he not want to hear these things, i don’t really want to share them with him.

A friend of mine told me about this group called Colorado Mountain Mamas where moms meet up weekly to go on hikes with other moms. You are paired with others who have either babies or toddlers to hike or bike. GENIUS!

I can’t wait to meet other active mamas who want to be healthy and shed their baby weight and just bitch or glow with what they are feeling.



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