well, we have hit the 7 week mark officially and more and more i know you are in there growing.

My uterus is FIVE times it’s normal size and the growth spurt feels like there is a wrestling match in my stomach. It’s reminiscent of the horrible growing pains I endured when I was about 12 years old and grew 5 or so inches. I can just feel everything in there stretching and growing.

Today I woke up around 2am and just couldn’t get back to sleep. I had three Saltines and cursed you and then woke up this morning and sold a house. You are my lucky charm. Thanks, baby!

So this is what you look like right now.

you have an eyelid? That is so weird….and I absolutely hate that you have a Yolk Sac. The thought that anything in my stomach has the same name as a food I might have eaten earlier that day makes me want to vomit….

anyway, please let me sleep tonight b/c I am calling in sick and really want to feel well enough tomorrow to enjoy my Mental Health Day.


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