LOVE this….

but, i think Daddy’s cuter and Mommy’s luckier.

We laid in bed this morning, like we do every morning, just looking at each other and talking about the day ahead.

White bedding, bed head, sleepy eyes and pillow talk. Nothing is sexier!  I am the lucky one!!!

We have decided on another name for you if you are a boy. It’s a name that means something to your daddy, that you will have to stand up for and that is unique to you.

a perfect….TENN!

I am surprised your daddy likes such a unique name. I know he likes much more traditional names, but ten is his favorite number and he has always said it’s a good “round, solid” number. We want you to be a good “round and solid” human being.

I still think you are a girl though.

A girl that I can dress in crazy clothes and grow hair long.

Hello tweed and lace and polka dots and flowers and hats.

Oh, speaking of hair. Right before we found out about you and just after our honeymoon, I was planning to chop my hair off like this.

but, people started telling me it was “mom” hair. I didn’t want “mom hair.” I wasn’t a mom.

then, as soon as i found out about you, i knew I had to keep my hair long b/c the Prenatal Vitamins would help it grow SO long and luxurious and thick. And boys was I right.

Today I have this gorgeous, low side ponytail that feels like I have clipped in a hair piece. I LOVE IT!

I have also been buying so come not-so-pregnant clothes that will emphasize the belly and I can’t wait for Fall. Not only b/c it’s 100 degrees here, but so I can wear scarves and jeans and long skirts and boots. I want people to think I am a cute pregnant person.

Well, have to run. Work awaits and mommy has a closing on a house today.



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