Little One,

why is it that every morning at about 5am you must wake me up. Sometimes it’s to pee, sometimes it’s b/c you must be hungry and want a cracker, but ALL OF THE TIME it’s b/c my boobs hurt so badly that I can’t even move.

I am a stomach sleeper and you, my dear, are wreaking havoc on my once-very-amazingly-full-8-hours-of-sleep routine.

I swear, in the night, i have to remind myself that I am head over heels in love with you even when I am forcing a Saltine down my throat or making the naked trek to the toilet for a pee.

i am so tired i don’t know how to deal.

this is me.

Work with me on this, Little One.

Let’s come up with a plan. You let me sleep 8 hours (and lay off of the breast tenderness) and I will never keep YOU awake when you are tired.



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