keeping you secret is just so hard, little one.

I am so proud to have you.

Tomorrow we go to the doctor for the first time to just make sure mommy is healthy. Although I know I am, nerves are still a huge part of what i am feeling right now.

What if the website was wrong and I shouldn’t have eaten the Fish & Chips?

What if that non-alcoholic beer really did have alochol?

What if that ONE coca-cola was bad for me?

I have all of these nerve-wracking thoughts that hopefully the doctor will put at rest, but i really do know in my heart that all is well and that you are in there just growing and getting bigger every day.

Now you are the size of a raspberry. Thinking about you in terms of food is kind of gross. There is NO WAY in the world I could eat a raspberry now for anything.

When you are the size of a strawberry, i don’t know what i am going to do….i can’t get enough of them!  Or any fruit for that matter.

If THIS were right in front of me, I would eat it with my hands.

i mean, COME ON! Is it french toast with a cheesecake filling?

ha ha…yesterday i tried to bake Batch #2 of the Lemon Cookies that I had refrigerated. The first batch turned out SOOOO horribly. They weren’t fluffy cookies and I thought, “eh, I will just make them a little bigger next time.”

well….i made the cookie balls twice as big and they cooked out flat like a pancake, with holes and grease everywhere.

so weird….

then, i looked at the recipe and instead of putting in 3/4 of a stick of Unsalted Butter, i put in 1 3/4 stick….

yeah….that would explain why.

anyway…little one, craving sweets and salt and hoping my ass doesn’t get huge b/c of you. 🙂


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