she says she is never wrong. That ten times out of ten she has guessed the baby’s sex correctly…..and today when i see her get out of the car with a blue gift bag, i start to giggle.

Are you a boy, little one?

the bag held an adorable onesie that looked like a baseball uniform and said “Daddy’s Grand Slam” and when i took it home and showed him, he got all teary eyed. I know his dreams for you are bigger than those for himself. He wants to teach you to catch and throw a ball. He will be an excellent example of how to treat women and others. He will show you how to be kind, but silly. Work hard….

i will teach you how to play harder than you work.

i am, of course, holding out for you to be a bundle of pink cuddliness….pink lips, pink bottom, pink leg warmers, pink….

can you please look something like this?

however, if you do come out a boy…can you be rough and tumble like my nephews Jack & Will. Can you wrestle with me? Can you fight and still be momma’s sweet boy?

my little prince…

yeah, he’s cute and all, but i still want you in tutu’s and curls in your hair and MAJOR sass!!!!


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