Healthy Baby…Healthy Baby

Sweet One,

sometimes I freak out. I hear it’s normal to have the worries I have, but I still don’t like it.

Since Mommy’s Friend has lost her little baby, I have been worrying that I am going to lose you. I am not nauseous and I think that’s a sign. I am tired, but I blow it off to the heat. I want you to be okay. At the encouragement of Mommy’s best friend, Whitney, every time I have a negative thought, I cancel it out by repeating “Healthy Baby…Healthy Baby” and picturing me at 9 months and daddy’s smile when he meets you and every beautiful, happy, positive thing I can think.

I do it about 100 times a day. The Power of Positive Thought.

I call the Doctor every morning to see if there is a Cancellation and I can get in, but it appears I STILL have to wait another WEEK….. I am not very patient and I just want PROOF that you are in there.

I am so silly that I bought another Pregnancy Test today even though I know that even if you aren’t (healthy baby…healthy baby) the hormones will still be there and show that you are.

I haven’t bought you anything yet (no jinxies) but I found this great Neil Young Onesie. Your daddy LOVES Neil Young.




Don Linny (that’s my mom…your grandma…named by your cousin, Jackson, b/c he couldn’t say Grandma Linda) has started working on a sock monkey blanket for you. Your daddy calls me Monkey.

I want you to have a hat like this one.


Please be healthy, Little One. Please be smart. Please be happy….that’s most important, that you are happy, but I also want those other things for you too.



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