can I just tell you, little one, that your daddy knows more about you than I do right now? he says you are the size of a sweet pea and that you are using up all of my energy to grow and that my uterus is growing b/c of you.

I just cannot tell you how wonderful of a father you are going to have. He’s so caring and takes me shoes off for me when I am too tired, he folds the 3 baskets of laundry b/c he knows that’s my least favorite part, he says he will give up Coke and alcohol too since I have to (but i won’t make him) and he wants to do everything in this world to take care of you.

We found out this week that a good friend of mine who has had trouble having another child is pregnant too and mommy’s other good friend is trying with her husband so you will have automatic friends when you come into this world.  Sharon two doors down is preggo and so is Bethanny next door, so in addition to the 13 kids in our cul de sac already, you will have two more who you will grow up with.

Isn’t that wonderful?

It’s really only the hardest for me right now not to have to wait to tell people and to not know if you are a boy or girl.

Other than that, every bout of nausea or dizziness is welcomed b/c i know it means you are growing and becoming a tiny person in there.

Keep on growing, Little One…..


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