it’s so hard to keep you a secret from the world, Little One.

I want to tell everyone that Mommy & Daddy love you so much we couldn’t even wait one more night past our wedding to make you.

I am scared though, I won’t lie.

What if this twinge in my stomach is me losing you? I am being over-reactive, but all of a sudden I have someONE to live for. Your daddy was reason enough, but you are 1/2 me and, better yet, 1/2 of the best person in the whole wide world.

Your daddy told me last night that I am supposed to be peeing a lot and while that explained a lot, I thought it the cutest thing in the world how secretly at work he is reading about what you are doing inside my belly.

I am also having completely irrational fears that other friends tell me they had too. Like, what if daddy decides this is all too much or that he doesn’t like the way my body changes and leaves me or trades me in for a new one? This is insane, I know…b/c he loves me so much, but I am told EVERY woman has this thought.

I want to know what you are so badly. I have already named you either way so it doesn’t matter except I want to start daydreaming about how your life will be. Will you marry a man as wonderful as daddy or will you grow up to be a baseball player?

No matter what you are or who you are or anything in the world, I love you more than the sky and the moon and the ocean.

You are my best kept secret….for now!



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