the thing that is NOT a secret is how badly I want you to be a girl. There are, simply, too many boys in my family.

Boys stink and they fart. They think it’s funny to burp and they are awkward and they just aren’t cute little round pink girls.

I almost bought my first Baby Item today. A pink and gray striped Onesie from Old Navy that says “I Heart Dad”…it had a ruffle on the bum.

…..but then i stopped myself for two reasons.

One, what if you are a boy? That’s okay b/c there was also a cute Superman onesie (your daddy looks like Superman with his curl in his hair, white dress shirt and glasses)

Two, no jinxies….

just be happy and healthy and, even if you ARE a boy, I am still going to put you in an outfit with a ruffle on the bum when no one is looking.



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