that’s how big you are. the size of a tiny nut…is that what they are? no, duh….they are nuts.  ha ha

your daddy told me he had a salad for lunch today. I wonder if it had sesame seeds on it and if he ate them?

i am worried about getting fat, little thing.

I have taken to calling you “Little F*ck” but I know that won’t be well-received, but somehow in my warped mind it seems so appropriate. Your daddy calls you Rhubarb b/c I want him to make me a pie.

People keep asking how our Honeymoon went (3 weeks ago) and i laugh and say “pretty well” thinking if only they knew how well it really went.

You are my big secret. . . and i just want to share you with the world.

I wonder what you will look like. Will you have Daddy’s ears and curls? I don’t think I really have any defining characteristics so I don’t know what you would take after me…my crooked nostrils, maybe?

I hope you come out with hair.

i wish I knew what you were so I could go buy you everything….

I wish you knew already how much you are loved and that you are going to have the happiest parents in the world when you get here…just don’t rip my vagina too much or make me too fat and I think you and I, Little F*ck, are going to get along just splendidly.


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