been out for awhile. I was off getting married.

I am a wife.

I have a husband.

It’s amazing how wonderful it feels every time i get to say that Kirk is my husband. Pride, joy….i think i still blush.

i can’t imagine how in 50 years our life will be, but i know i will never forget the love and pride i felt on June 18, 2011 when Kirk chose me to be his wife.

We don’t have our official wedding portraits back yet, but here is one that was given to us as a teaser.

Not gonna lie….i think we are pretty hot!

I know I have never felt prettier than I did on that day. The perma-grin on my face paled to that on Kirk’s….

the day is just too magical and special to talk about yet, I am still trying to soak it all up.

I just know that I was surrounded by pure love and awe from our guests and family. Our handwritten vows were received with applause and cheering. Our band had people on the butts dancing that probably hadn’t danced in 20 years. Our food was amazing.

Gratitude is the heart’s memory.

I am just so thankful for the day and the memories, but most importantly that I am not Mrs. Kirk Mooneyham. LOVE!

More to follow about Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding, Baseball Game and honeymoon….



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