kate is my best friend from college Whitney’s best friend from high school.

whitney just flew to Denver to see no mountains but rain and ME.

kate thinks i have an *interesting* life.

whitney says kate says she misses my old photography blog

i said i have nothing interesting to write about and thin people might find me boring.

whitney says kate likes the things i have to say

kate this is for you.

i got a bikini wax today. i made whitney wait out in the waiting room while the lovely young woman from Studio Urban Wax made small talk and ripped the pubic hair from my nether regions. we talked about my wedding, a few bands and then i laid on my stomach and pulled my butt cheeks apart so she could get some other regions.

then whitney and i went to the mall. whitney, being pregnant and all, had to go pee. I decided i should go too. I leaned forward to read an email while i peed and the sensor on the potty thought i was done and flushed while i was still aboard. I told Whitney that i hated when it does that and it felt like i had just gone through a car wash….

a russian woman two toilets down said, “you don’t want that water coming back at you”

i laughed and that was the funniest part of my day.

kate, aren’t you glad you read this?

now my undercarriage is sparkly!

no, that is not me…i would never wear those panties!


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