today I realized that the best part of EVERY day is actually THREE things.

1. waking up and looking out our window and seeing the gorgeous Rocky Mountains with the man I love spooning me….each morning he rolls over to me and says “Monk” (short for Monkey and a story for another time) and I have to fight the urge to get up b/c i can’t stand to just lie there, but I always turn to him, run my finger down his nose and say, “Hi, Budge” (short for Budgy and a story for another time).

2. though these are in no particular order, the best LAST part of my day is kind of a reversal of Number One…only typically spent laughing or discussing our day or with some back tickling to trance me to quiet (which is hard for me).

3. This one isn’t so much a favorite as a Guilty Pleasure that has been a part of my life for over 30 years now. BATH TIME. Sometimes I take 2 baths a day. Sometimes it’s a bubble bath. Sometimes I move from a Loooong bath to a quick shower all in one so I don’t have to lie in my shampoo/soap/residue. Sometimes I read my book or Kindle in the bath. Sometimes i take baths so hot that when i get out i am dizzy and have to run to the bed to lie down (i call those Death Baths). Sometimes i shave in the bath. Sometimes i turn all of the lights out and light a candle. Sometimes Kirk joins me….. bow chicka wow wow.

But ALWAYS i fill the tub up (which probably isn’t a smart or efficient thing to do, but i love that in our new house and in the new tub, i can fit ALL 6 foot of me in the water.

in my mind, these three things are just the perfect way to start and end each day.

the only thing that could make it better?

if we had a wee little wet one with chubby cheeks and a slippery bum to join us. A little babe in a bassinet next to ours….

maybe someday…sooner rather than later please.

My ovaries are like tuning forks. I see a kid and i get weak in the knees. More on that later.


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