i am SO not a negative person, but i feel like this job makes me SO glass EMPTY!  Not even half, but outright someone drank the WHOLE DAMN THING when i wasn’t looking….AND left me with the tab. I am THAT kind of negative.

I have been looking into doing Master Cleanse thinking i need a body cleanse, but the truth of the matter is I need a SOUL Cleanse. How does one do that?

I got a massage today thinking that for possibly one hour I could slow my brain down.

The masseuse coughed every 11 seconds…no joke. He had Tourette’s.

I had the neighbor who sales Mary Kay give me a facial.

it cost me $90 in the purchase of products that i only bought because i couldn’t say no.

i went to the gym

then i came home and ate a bag of M&M’s and washed them down with a coke.

and felt more guilt.

you know, I am beginning to wonder what the hell Kirk is doing marrying me.

I can’t find a job i like and bounce around from company to company bitching along the way about how nothing makes me happy. I brought a good portion of debt into our relationship. I drive a crappy car that neighbors stop to stare at as i putt putt down the cul de sac. I am a hormonal, emotional mess. I cry all of the time. I constantly beg him to give me babies. I used to be *fun* and make him laugh all of the time and get crazy ideas and make him take me to concerts and bars….now i come home and sleep.

who would want to marry that?


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