you know, wedding planning isn’t that great. I haven’t had that much fun and i certainly don’t care about flowers or colors or seating charts.

Perhaps it’s b/c my mom lives out-of-state and hasn’t been able to help me. Perhaps it’s because it’s expensive and in the middle of planning it we decided to also build a house. Perhaps it’s because the options are overwhelming and everything adds$ up and before you know it, your life savings is gone.

Or, mostly, it’s b/c i just want to be married. I have always just wanted a simple ceremony under a tree….followed by dinner under the stars.

I fell in love with this picture in my initial search and it’s sort of been the inspiration every since.

i just want to have great food, good music and LOTS of wine….and my Mr.

This was the Mood Board I downloaded on Day 1 and that still serves as the inspiration for the overall look of the wedding…HOWEVER….my gown is WAY more dramatic.

Is that a dog collar for #5?  Yeah, Hannah will NOT be in attendance at this Shindig….

Either way, today i am just chill about the wedding. I haven’t done a lot lately and just figure it will all work out and it doesn’t matter what it looks like or who is there….

as long as he shows up, i will be the happiest girl in the world on that day.


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