last night was our last night in the home we fell in love at.

Kirk bought his first home over 4 years ago and i have spent the past 2 years loving him in the bones of that beast…it’s bittersweet.

See, i love this house for the story that is *us* but it has held a sore spot in my heart the past few months.

This home is adorable. Kirk has owned it for 4+ years (it was his first home) and it has been fun to paint it quirky, bright colors and to do some repairs here and there, but ….see…i have owned an old home before, and I have owned a brand new home before and HANDS DOWN….old homes are a WHOLE LOT OF WORK and are stressful on a relationship.

About 8 months ago we listed the house on the market, 8 showings later we concluded what I already knew…no one in their right mind wanted to buy this beast. It’s bones are lovely and it has a great history, but it is too close to a major street (Colfax) and the damn bums have taken over.


i tell ya, i am generally pretty forgiving of people who have fallen on hard times and can’t get a bit of luck, but this home has made me resent all of the above.  It’s not uncommon to hear bums in the alley pissing on our tires, complaining about the free food at the shelter, see them smoking crack, they have stolen our bikes, crapped in our yard, leave condoms on our car, treat our yard as if it is a trash recepticle, sing as loud as they can, break into my car, and take poos on the fence.


I shed 2 LITTLE tears today as we left but i am so more than ready!

We are going to start our new lives as Mr. & Mrs. in a BRAND new home in a lovely community with a gate and an old man who pushes a little button to let ONLY THE RESIDENTS in and out. Sound the angels I won’t ever have to see another bum turd in my yard.

No pics of the new house yet, but soon…..very soon….i hear they have installed the 18″x18″ tile in our kitche, dining room, butler’s pantry (yes….we have a butler’s pantry) today!  I have been given the Go-Ahead form the Lender that I can now purchase furniture and i am soooo in love with the ideas i have for this new house.

STAY TUNED for this blog to take a turn for the better as I share with all of you my Inspiration for the *Modern Rustic Mooneyham Love Haven*.


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